Sunday, February 24, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice.......

No sleeping in this Sunday. The medics got to get up to repeat a driver's education program we took last week. Why? Well, by gosh, they had the wrong vehicle. Last week, we drove an armored HMMWV. This week, we armored HMMWV. But this one goes to 11 has a rotating gunners turret; a turret that apparently is not used any longer in theater. I'm eagerly anticipating an announcement next Saturday evening: "By the way, they had they wrong vehicle last week again. 0500 wake up for driver's training Sunday". At which point I will drive an armored HMMWV with a turret with with the impact resistant windows for 10 minutes, then wait for another two hours before being released to return to the barracks. Ah well, another opportunity to practice gracefully (aka, not cursing loudly and at length) accepting what I can't change.

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