Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Few Local Problems

I've been working in the clinic on post for about two weeks now, and I've noticed the following:

There's a definite need for the sign above. Most of what comes in for emergency treatment is gastroenteritis. Usually with some noticeable dehydration, resulting in a visit from me and an 18 guage needle. We go through saline faster than anything else in the clinic.

Space is a little tight around here. What you see here is medical records. All of it. Oh yes, and a picture of the entire staff of medical records.

Dust is a major problem. This post is the only green spot for a long ways around, and dust gets in everything. The picture above was taken after I'd cleaned one of the five lights, and this is in the ER/treatment room, one of the cleanest rooms we have. Then again, most this dust was on the inside of the glass, so we'll see how long it stays clean.

A particularly unpleasant problem: Leishmaniasis. Nasty stuff resulting from sandfly bites that take a lot of work to resolve. This particular soldier is from Fiji, and probably received his bites out on the remote observation outposts. I've been told that U.S. soldiers who have this happen in Iraq get a trip to Walter Reed for care. This individual will have to make do with what we can do for him here.

Being bored won't be a problem during the work day around here.

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