Saturday, April 17, 2010

Training and Age

I had been doing a lot of hiking in one of the local nature areas (above) with a previous generation rucksack to get ready for the upcoming deployement. Until the day after the most recent hike; two significant deposits of fluid around my knee, and a reduced range of motion that was very noticeable.

The injuries from the 2003 call-up are catching up with me, along with four-plus decades of use.

Shortly after this happened, my 1SG told me he'd seen my name on a unit assignment list for the upcoming deployment. I won't, unless something changes, be out humping a ruck with the infantry. I'm too old and too broke, although it was put to me in kinder terms. And I was disappointed when I was told, although I know it's true. I'll still be allowed to go, because I can still contribute in a couple different areas without compromising anybody.

But it still sucks to realize you can't keep up with the people at the tip of spear.

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Oh Hell said...

At least you ARE contributing, and Thank You for your Service!!! The experience that "old and broke" bring to the table is just as valuable as getting out on the "tip of the spear".