Saturday, August 28, 2010

And In The Barracks..........

The barracks are far different from normal life. Even the Regular Army has long moved away from barracks living except for initial training. Some of the things that one experiences when living the barracks lifestyle:

The alarms start a 0400, and keep going until at least 0600. These will range from simple electronic tones to someone's current rap favorite.

There are two clothing fashions: The regular uniform, and the PT uniform. Both will often be worn for at least three days before being washed.

Bunkbeds with all the support of a cheap hammock.

Endless methane emissions.

Bedspreads that consist of a poncho liner with a sleeping bag on top. For those who are truly intent on a personal space, extra poncho liners are purchased and hung from the frame of the top bunk to create an enclosure, AKA the "jack-shack".

Terrariums made from empty plastic bottles for a soldier's pet slug.

Lectures on how locust carcasses are not acceptable food for a slug.

The delicate aroma of two pairs of boots per soldier drying or mouldering, depending on the weather.

A personal space that is defined by the dimensions of your mattress.

The daily accretion of clay and sand that passes for soil locally on the floor.

Walking 70 yards every time nature calls.

Last, but certainly not least, the ongoing gurgles, gasps,and pseudo-death rattles emitted every night by several individuals who should be put on a CPAP unit.


Anonymous said...

Medic, reminds me of the USN days -- and now that I am a Respiratory Therapist, I still have to put up with choking and gasping of sleep apnea --

Montana said...

Gah, reminds me of Boy Scout camp. The remembered smell just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

MauserMedic said...

Anon, therapy here consists of throwing objects at the source.

Montana; there are many, many odors here.