Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ugly Gun Sunday


Papa Whiskey said...

Let's see ... a scoped Uzi (LOL), a High Standard Model 10 shotgun, and a ... Buck Rogers something-or-other.

I assume the fine old Thompson in the foreground is not included under the "ugly" rubric!

Wuulf said...

Okay, this looks like a museum display, so I will take that in consideration, but why on earth would anyone who had even a passing like of firearms, put a calico over a Thompson? Better yet, why put the blasted things next to any of the fine weapons in the case?

(I'm gonna leave the Uzi alone, with my failing eyesight, I can tell you what the motivation is to put a scope on a weapon that shouldn't have a scope.

Papa Whiskey said...

Many thanks, Mr. Wuulf, for the ID on that bizarre-looking carbine. The only calicos I knew about were cats!