Friday, March 11, 2011

This Should Be Interesting

A Martini-Henry carbine I picked up in the bazaar at Camp Phoenix a couple months ago. This one was made by the Braendlin Armoury Co. in Birmingham, England. It's what appears to be called a "trade gun", in that it's not military issue, but available to volunteer units, or individuals who wished to purchase their own carbine in military furniture. Although at one time or another, one of the local vendors went to town with the faked stamps all over the metal. Which I'll post further pictures of in the near future.

But for the interesting part: Until 2009, antiques like this were simply allowed to be inspected by a US military customs unit, then allowed to be mailed if OK'd by them. Which, unfortunately, was apparently severely abused. Leading to the regional military command to restrict all antiques which fired center-fire and rimfire cartridges.


IF one gets a BATFE Form 6 (part II, for military personnel) approved, THEN one may send home the previously mentioned systems.

So. The form is filled, and I'll be getting some express envelopes at the post office hut next door tomorrow morning. I'm told it takes 4-6 to get the form back with a yea or nay. Let's see what happens.

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