Monday, October 8, 2012

Cracker Cabinetry

Got the day off today, which means I should finish the current house project: Fitting a modern refrigerator under cabinetry designed to fit the fridges a la 1961. Which were apparently four inches shorter than today's models. Making this less unpleasant than it might be otherwise, the cabinetry is the original pine installed in '61, with at least three coats of paint on it. All of which had been applied after the hinges were mounted. I hope, in year or two, to use it as bonfire material. Also making it less unpleasant was The Wife reminding me that I own a Sawzall, when I was thinking aloud how long it would take to cut the cabinetry by hand. Given that I'd normally used it to lop off tree limbs and cut pipe, it hadn't occurred to me to use it as a woodworking tool. I now know that a 6" metal cutting blade on a speed setting of 2 out of 10 lets one follow the pencil lines quite nicely, and will take the bottom off a mounted cabinet in less than five minutes. Today's project: Chopping four inches of the cabinet doors, routing the new edge, and moving the lower hinges. If it weren't for the rain coming down, I'd really be irritated I'm doing this instead of riding my bike...... (side note; I think I'd like a set of those targets.)

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