Sunday, November 4, 2012

Even the bayonet............


cmblake6 said...

Why do so many people put their head so far back on the stock?

MauserMedic said...

What, put your face next to where the explosion happens? That's just crazy talk!

All joking aside, why is it (it seems to me) that female shooters tend to position themselves without any consideration of recoil?

Papa Whiskey said...

With apologies to "Dumbo":

Look out! Look out!
Pink AKs on parade, here they come,
Bingety Bangety!

I can stand the sight of gats
Or female shooters with their tats
But technicolor Avtomats
Are really too much for me!

Chase 'em away! Chase 'em away!
Pink AKs on parade!

Kory Smith said...
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Kory Smith said...

Why would you do that. Not very familiar the different AKs but might be a Type 56 from china.