Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dogs on 'Roids

The vet tells me my Golden Retriever is having an a particulary bad allergy attack. How he gets an allergic reaction in just one ear I don't understand, but whatever. It's bad enough that the inside of his ear looks like a college wrestler who's never worn headgear in his senior year. Now he gets a week worth of prednisone, and a high pressure water injection in two weeks to flush out the ear canal. I have a hard time getting 91 lbs of Golden to come out of the truck for his annual check-up now; we'll see how he reacts to the vet after having a plastic nozzle jammed into the side of his head while he's pinned to the exam table.


TD said...

Be careful with the Prednisone; as I'm sure you know, it's no good for their livers.

My dobe/shep mix has pretty bad seasonal allergies, but he does very well on Tavist (clemastine fumarat) twice a day. It doesn't give 100% relief and it makes him a bit drowsy, but it's better than keeping him in Pred for months on end.

MauserMedic said...

Right now we're looking at two pills a day for a week, then one pill every two days for the second week; then the waterjet in the ear treatment. The vet says he might need occasional episodes of treatment, but he's not big on throwing steroids at this unless h has to. I'm hoping to keep this level of treatment to a minimum, but he's going to need constant attention to this ear the rest of his life, most likely.