Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Started assembling loads for the M1 last night. I shot my first Garand match this past winter, and would like to make another 2-3 matches this summer. My current load worked well for last summer's practice conditions, but didn't reliably cycle the bolt in the middle of winter (not fun to find out during a rapid fire match). I'll be evaluating the current load for actual velocity vs published expected velocity, then working up to a little higher pressure load for enhanced reliability in cold weather. I'm considering tracking temperature variations effects on my standard load across the summer season also. Which means relearning the operation of my chronograph I haven't run in 5+ years, along with getting more familiar with my computer's spreadsheet programs.

I'm also looking forward to the mini Palma matches scheduled for our range this year. I've never shot one, but the descriptions sound interesting, and gives me more excuses opportunities to play with my old Winchester 52B. I'd considered taking the 4x-24x scope off this summer, since 10x was the most I found useful during 50 ft four-position competition this winter; with shooting at 200 yards, I'm thinking that the higher settings will see more use. I'll at least be learning some lessons on reading the wind with the little 40 grain bullets practically coasting out to the targets, compared to my 22-250's velocities.

Off to the dungeon to organize for a practice session tomorrow.

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