Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let The Weekend Commence

Since 1800 hours:

Begin a birthday celebration, with much Shiner Bock, Crown Royal, and Karaoke;

Reassure drunken friends they really are good people, and can't be responsible for all the bad things that happen;

Be reassured that you really should have gotten that promotion that went to someone else;

Tag along to the Fiji Battalion bar with friends for a Fiji Infantry Company going away party for the unit rotating home after a year of service;

Stop one block short of the bar to check on the Fijian Military Policeman supporting a staggering Fijian infantryman heading towards my medical clinic;

Hold pressure to said soldiers arm to stop venous bleeding that's left a blood trail across the parking lot while holding him upright;

Maintain arm bar hold while assisting physician in irrigating multiple cuts incurred during punching through a window;Reassure patient you love him too / return hug;

Shoot x-rays to affirm no glass in wounds;

Go staff clinic desk so the people on medical duty can do this crap;

Deeply desire a pepperoni and green pepper pizza and warm bed while typing this at front desk.

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