Thursday, May 22, 2008

A View From The Road

A few images from an additional duty run in Egypt and Israel; the sign above was pretty funny until you don't notice the camel on the side of the road until it's too late to stop if he decides to move. And yes, it is possible to not see them, even in the desert. They blend in great.

The local method for cargo hauling. Donkeys are lower maintenance than trucks, and that axle will last a long time at 3 mph.
The giant head out in the middle of nowhere, Israel.

Nobody looked twice at this guy at he crossed the street. I had a jealousy fit. I'd be willing to bet that's not a semi-auto.

Potential roadkill on the run. Apparently these things are worth a lot of money, so you're supposed to really avoid them. Besides what will happen when it comes through the windshield.

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