Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Wants It, We Do

Having a little time at lunch during drill yesterday, I slipped off to check one of my favorite mil-surp haunts for the last twenty-three years. Where I finally found bricks of standard velocity .22 rimfire, currently unavailable in my home town. When I informed the clerk I would like three, he assumed I meant boxes, and was surprised when I told him I meant bricks. Apparently they do things on a small scale here these days.

But more exciting, and disappointing at the same time, was finally running across an Uberti reproduction Schofield at another local shop. Although this one primarily markets outdoor products marketed to the local granola munchers, the profits support the real interest of the owners: the shooting section. This tends strongly towards shotguns, being in the Midwest, and plastic/stainless pistols, modern tastes being what they are, but I still occasionally find something of interest. I've lusted after the repro Schofields since the first time I saw one in American Rifleman, and would damn near rob a convenience store to get money for a copy of the Russian Model in the correct caliber. Although this one was a different variant, it was still a beautiful copy in blued steel and warm wooden grips well worth having. But an $840.00 out the door, it's still to steep for me. Perhaps next May when the taxes come back, if Dear Leader is feeling generous, I'll have some tax returns to apply towards it.

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Anonymous said...

If you get near Columbus, OH, send me an email. My son bought one of these for himself last Fall. Problem is getting .45LC cowboy loads. Found some at the Tanner Gun Show outside Denver, CO, two weeks ago. [Yeah, 1,300 miles each way is a heck of a commute.] About $170 for four boxes. Then there was the ammo for his FN90. And his Mausers.