Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Feel The Love

After being advised approximately two weeks ago of being called up, I've learned that I'll be backfilling a slot in another company within my battalion. Specifically, an ambulance company. No word yet on exactly what type of missions we'll be covering, but I don't think it will be particularly peaceful, given the way things are building up for Afghanistan. The major pain in the ass currently is the new drill schedule has a large number of extra days on it, in addition to a 21-day annual training that is still unsettled as to exact dates. As long as this overall deployment has been planned, and deployments have been occurring, one would think things would be more organized, but since our unit is playing catch-up to the originally notified units, things are......interesting. One thing I know for sure at the moment. I am Very Much Not Popular with the coworkers whose summer vacation plans are now at the mercy of the National Guard; lucky for me federal law forbids tarring and feathering by mobs. Can't say I blame them though. I'd be pissed if I were on the other side too.


Dymphna said...

Pi** on them and their vacations. They're lucky to be working to begin with.

Secondly, how dare they diss what you're doing?

Tar and feather THEM, I say. That sucky narcissistic attitude has brought us to our present pass.

Spoiled brats.

Hey, are you going to be able to do reports from the field? Can we share them? -- Share as in lift most of the post and put it up at our place? Leave enough to make people look here, of course.

Please keep us informed.

ebd10 said...

Tell your co-workers to pi++ up a rope. While they're sipping margaritas and basking by the pool, you'll be ducking snipers and trying to keep scorpions out of your boots. Bunch of whiners.

MauserMedic said...


You're more than welcome to use what you find of interest, although my writing talents are far less then most of your current contributors. As to my co-workers, they're generally a good bunch; unfortunately most of the people I work with have no connection to the military, and don't give much thought to the current conflicts. In their minds, it's not relevant to their lives. That was a shock to me when I figured it out, as it's been a major presence in my life since 2001. From what I've noticed in the last year, that's a far more common attitude than I would have thought.

ebd 10,

I actually managed to upset plans to Disneyworld, apparently. Finding that out, I think I did that particular co-worker a favor culturally, financially, and emotionally. On the serious side, there's a huge lack of comprehension in what people go through on these deployments. Discomfort means having to sleep in a cheap hotel room and eat at McD's. I'll be ready to strangle people for even that much, after some time in theater. One of the downsides of not having a draft, although the quality of troops is better with the current volunteer method.

Dymphna said...

Tell you what. In order to save your having to send us stuff whilst over in the sandbox, I'll put you on my Twitter list and then I'll get your posts automatically.

If the powers that be don't permit blogging, maybe I could give you my email and you could pre-censor your stories for me? I know our readers would love to hear about your "adventures".

The Baron says they've really tightened the rules about mil-blogging so maybe emails with identity excised? The human interest stories would be great.

As for measuring up to the quality of our contributors...most of them don't have English as their original language so they often require editing.

The Danes write in what the Baron calls "Danglish"...a great majority of them speak English well, he says, but writing it down is another matter.

[BTW, one of our donors is a former 'kepi blanc' (White Hat). That's what they call their special forces guys. He was a surgeon; when I dislocated my shoulder he regaled me with horror stories about 'relocating' them in the field. Seems to involve lots of liquor...or maybe that was when he was in the Foreign Legion.

When I cracked a rib, I found out from him that opiates are not any good against bone pain. I hesitated to tell my doctor since that's what I was given. But he was right: the ibuprofen did a much beter job]

Anyhow, some of our American writers require extensive editing...edjumacation ain't what it used to be since them darn unions got aholt to it.

We'll clean up the syntax, etc., if necessary. From the posts of yours I've read, that won't be much.

Anyway, this is a serious offer. Can't pay you anything (oh, I wish!) but you might get a little fame in, say, Denmark or Germany.

Just came over to look at the latest Ugly Gun. Cannot understand your aversion to pink guns...

As for your co-worker who'd planned to go to Disney World...I will, never ever understand the attraction of paying a lot of money to stand in line in the sorching sun and partake of the pleasure of going on "rides". Who says 1920 is dead? I'd rather go to Afghanistan. Seriously.

As for the rest of 'em at your place of employment, you haven't categorized this post under 'asshats', which is where those so-called Americans belong.


ebd10 said...

I get it. However, having worn the uniform once upon a time, it still pisses me off when someone says they're 'inconvenienced' by your doing your duty. As long as they have their sixpack and their Stupor Bowl, they could care less what happens to anyone else.

Whatever, I'm better now. Watch your 6 and get word out if you need anything.