Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mr. Marketing

OK, everyone's sick of Tiger Woods stuff. I stayed away from it, mainly because a marital tussle between a hyper-rich "athlete" and his trophy wife means nothing to me. Now, I've just seen on the news AT&T dropped his sponsorship. Being the caring, compassionate individual I am, I've thought of a few potential replacements to help Tiger out.

K-Y Jelly: "Even Tiger Woods isn't so slippery he can't use a little help now and then."

Trojan Condoms: "Field tested by Tiger Woods, again and again and again....."

Las Vegas Tourism Commission: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. As long as you manage your cell phone contacts, that is."

Enterprise Car Rental: "Pick Enterprise. We’ll pick you up. If your wife has put the golf club down."

Now, who else can use my expert marketing skills?


HankH said...

Hire that man, he's brilliant ;)

MauserMedic said...