Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bayonets Again

(photo from the Sispsey Street Irregulars site)

There were some interesting posts over at Sipsey Street on the topic. Most interesting of all, the LTG personally responded to MVB's post on the subject. I thought it was an interesting and gracious response, but I still believe there is a place for the modern version of the pike, especially in urban fighting.

One particular portion of the General's response I would like to respond to: the question of how it must not be that important, as there has been no further training on the subject after Basic Training. I would submit that this is an error in emphasis, rather than an accurate evaluation of the importance of the training. I can tell you from experience that in my nearly twenty years in the Guard, we have had no further bayonet training; but we have had virtually no serious marksmanship training either, unless one includes remedial training the day of annual qualification. Which to receive, one must fail to qualify at least twice that day. Hand to hand skills training? Once, for a select few. Extended sensitivity training sessions? Mandatory attendance, every year, for several hours at a time.

There's time, and a need, for maintaining combat skills, especially for the non-infantry types like me. I enjoy field work, and weapons craft; there's a hell of a lot of soldiers who don't, and they'll be in a world of hurt when they need those skills.

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Oh Hell said...

The Military exists to break things and kill people. Somehow, I don't think "sensitivity training" will help meet those goals. Give me sharp pointy things any day.