Friday, February 19, 2010

Too Dumb To Live

If you're on an interstate highway, there's three inches of slush on the road with snow falling constantly, actual traffic flow speed is 30-40 mph, and there's vehicles in the ditch every few miles, what makes you think your two-wheel drive, 4-cylinder, crapmobile is suited to driving in a manner better suited to Daytona? Drafting someone's rear bumper in normal conditions on the interstate is a bad idea, you dumbshit. And that gives rise to why I will always own vehicles with 4-wheel drive, 8-cylinder internal combustion engines, and some serious weight: many, many people with vehicles are mouthbreathing 'tards who have no concept of danger; high clearance, big tires, and willingness to carry a shovel in a vehicle gives you a better chance of getting out of trouble once you're there; and if it's a matter of you vs me in a collision, then it sucks to be you. Which reminds me, I need to start shopping for some welded tubular steel bumpers, since The Wife thinks it's probably illegal to weld steel punji stakes to the truck's frame.

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Mark Horning said...

Well, honestly I'm rather fond of the old Ford In-line 6 in my F-250.

Yeah a V-8 might have more horsepower, but the I-6 has plenty of torque, and it's direct gear drive, no silly timing chain or belt to break.