Saturday, July 17, 2010

For Today's Relaxation...........

disassembled, tweaked, and reassembled a troublesome ceiling fan, which burned up the morning;

Sanded down the dried joint compound applied to the entry way ceiling, one 2 x 2 foot section at a time perched on a rather old, creaky wooden ladder;

Picked up stuff for more projects out at the local Menards;

Detail cleaned someone else's rifle that was shot well over a year ago and never cleaned.

I remember a time in my 20's when Saturday was the time I'd go out to the range for four or five hours for some leisurely shooting, then some beers out in the backyard while cleaning whatever number of rifles and pistols I'd dirtied that day*. What the hell happened to me?

* Yep, I enjoyed beer while cleaning guns. It's not my problem if some someone else is too thick to completely unload and clear at the range, and then again at home, before breaking down their weapon and popping a bottle. And ammo and cleaning doesn't mix, EVER. Ditto cleaning guns with someone else cleaning theirs; that's asking for trouble all by itself. But then again, I like cigars and riding motorcycles without a helmet in nice weather, so I'm obviously a knuckle-draggin' yahoo with no common sense anyway.


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Papa Whiskey said...

ADs that supposedly happen "while cleaning" are usually called that so someone won't have to say, "He was engaging in horseplay" or "He committed suicide."