Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time Is Short

The time to head to active duty status is fast approaching, so I'm making the most of my remaining time by........painting storm windows, refinishing walls, and building a closet. Apparently, this is what happens when one becomes a home owner. Why spend time at the range, riding motorcycles, or grilling and drinking beer when you can update areas of the home that haven't been touched since the '70s?

I will stock up on several cases of ammo, and stash away some serious cash for a two-week minimum bike ride when I get back. What's life without enjoying the simple pleasures?


BobG said...

Hate to see you go; hope everything goes ok for you wherever they send you.

Montana said...

With the wife out of town I get to complete all those little things that have been driving me nuts that normally fall in her domain. Like thistle, why would anybody let thistle grow in the yard?