Saturday, September 11, 2010


or "Combat Lifesaver", which is what a number of we medics were teaching today. As medics can't be everywhere, the Army has extended training out to other Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) so they can be first responders. As with the medics' training, the focus is on HABC (Hemhorrage, Airway, Breathing, Circulation), with the goal of reducing preventable deaths through simple interventions.

Once again, the training is in 90+ degree temps with high humidity, resulting in one Soldier getting pulled to strip out of his armor, gloves, and pads just short of a heat injury. These Soldiers will test out on hands-on and written exams tomorrow to demonstrate competency in tourniquets, needle decompression of pneumothorax, nasopharangeal airways, wound dressings, requesting medical evacuations via radio nets, and moving injured personnel.

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oh Hell said...

I took a tactical medical course (no where NEARLY as comprehensive as CLS!!) and learned a lot. It certainly is an eye opener!!