Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Range Support

Ninety-Pound Partner and I have been assigned range support for the Mk 19 Grenade Launcher this afternoon (that would be her at the far left, demonstrating why she has the nickname). Range support is good duty for medics; make sure everyone is hydrated, watch for signs and symptoms of heat injury, and be ready for anything else that can happen on a weapons range. While most people might think weapons-related accidents are a priority, it's actually heat injuries that are most common. At this moment, the range has an ambient temperature of 90 degrees, there's minimal shade even off the line, and firers must wear full armor. Not a good combination, even for younger troops. That's why the Army has provided with all sorts of wonderful handouts, such as the one I recently found in the latrine:

The Army loves handouts, and apparently so do soldiers.

And now, NPP and I will wait to see if it's true about some soldiers not showing up, which will result in much happiness and explosions downrange for the medics.

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