Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome To The Slide Show

Where you'll have a multitude of vacation National Training Center pics inflicted upon you. Hey, you're the one who showed up here voluntarily. Now you get to see some of the non-sexy side of the military experience. It's like being a janitor with an assault rifle!

Waiting for the flight out. This is the Army's version of hanging out in the airport. Not seen, the concrete catch basin for fuel and other liquids percolating in the 90 degree + temps, and the Sergeant Major coming over to tell everyone to put their uniform tops back on. Dignity first, people!
Lunch is served! And a "complete meal" it was, if you're into sodium induced high blood pressure and diabetes.

Welcome to the rotational unit barracks at Camp Irwin, where only the finest hardened foam is used on our beerfest tents/barracks. Two things to remember: don't use an open flame around the quarters, and don't lean against the wall.

Just some of the exciting prizes to be found out in the local desert.

The FOB wiener wagon mascot. There's something disturbing about a hotdog offering itself up like that.

More later, depending on the whims of the local internets........

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J. Wilson said...

“There's something disturbing about a hotdog offering itself up like that.” You are right, I think it’s the eyes…