Monday, April 4, 2011

Posts Will Resume Shortly

I've been on the move lately, and haven't had access to the site. More than likely, I'll be on the move again for several more days. Sorry for the interruption in Sunday postings, but sometimes there just aren't services available for the fun stuff.

Noted above, one of the local transports flying one of my current squad members out to a FOB. I have weakness for Hueys, even the civilian ones. And yes, I mangled the image for security purposes :)


BobG said...

No problem; some of us were just worried that something might have happened.

MauserMedic said...


Thanks for the concern; the recent FOB I was on originally only had MWR internet as provided by the government. This resulted in an approximately 5% success rate for the internet service. Shocking, no? Privare internet service became available the last week I was there, and worked very well after the first two days of setup. Almost as though profit provides an incentive to keep things working.....