Monday, April 4, 2011

Regarding The Current Religious Unpleasantness

On the small FOB I'm on, there's probably at least fifty locals at minimum doing various tasks. To date, I've not seen anyone get their jihad on. But then again, we all walk around with weapons. An armed society......... I have heard of some protests out on the roadways, but my impression is that most people getting agitated are just that: getting agitated by some local shit-stirrer looking for a step up in the local jihadi/extremist power structure. Most locals around here a looking to keep the larder stocked more than anything else. Not that most of them have any love for us. Which, as an aside, young males full of testosterone and lacking an appreciation of things outside of aggression, booze, and sex don't make for winning ambassadors in general. Not that that is something new.

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