Monday, May 23, 2011


Let’s see, on top of the usual aches and pains seen today: one case each of uncontrolled hypertension (180/120), facial wart cryoablation, week-old accidental self-inflicted stabbing that converted from a painful hematoma in the distal thigh at noon to a compartment syndrome helicopter medevac at 1700, extensive bilateral knee exam and documentation for persistent pain, grinding, and popping so the soldier can file a Line of Duty report for VA evaluation at home, lacerated finger care, and an interpreter with an eye infection, . With the last four patients all overlapping each other while my only other medic was unreachable and my sole provider having left the aid station to pack for a rapid redeployment home due to a family emergency. Got everybody out the door, and on the helo in the one case, to be followed by a phone call five minutes later from a warrant officer in Jalalabad wanting to know why I kept his helicopter on the landing pad for several minutes serving as an indirect fire target.

I think I earned my pay today.

And now, some images of the local version of Home Depot:

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BobG said...

Sounds pretty busy; at least you're not having to scramble to fix battle casualties.
Stay safe over there.