Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yesterday I finally got over to the ANA side of the post, which is a major pain if you don't have duties there. Went to help drop off a piece of office furniture at the medical company, ended up staying an hour drinking multiple small cups of tea while we discussed through an interpreter why the female medic hadn't had several children yet, how to manage equitable attention amongst four wives, how the whole ANA medical company doesn't have access to even basic hand tools, and kicking out the Soviet Army in the '80s.

This was followed by an emotional demand by another unit's Solder to disarm her roommate, as she's convinced she's a psych case. Which led to an extended conversation on what you can and can't do, the purpose of documentation, what the chain of command is for, and why doctors don't sneak up on people in the barracks to do mental evals by force without documented cause.

Followed by a Soldier with a bad shoulder, who is convinced all the muscles are torn, although he has full range of motion, even if it is crunchy when he moves it. But his wife is a massage therapist, and she says his shoulder is "not lined up right", so why can't the doctors fix it? So drugs and therapy it is. Except he returned half an hour later to report someone had gone into his room, and stolen all his documentation of his shoulder injuries, as well as his prescription orders. Man, those local contracters are getting sneaky just stealing the good parts of the medical records.

Followed by a 2230 surprise visit by an ANA soldier with three gunshot wounds. He'll live, but he won't be sitting in any chairs for a while.


Sisu said...

My only excitement was: "I'm positive for meth because I'm undercover with the cops. But I can't talk about it; it's classified!" At 31 weeks pregnant and bleeding like stink. I may really have to be over this job soon and switch to the ED where people are supposed to come in high.

huh. my captcha is "inateddi." I don't know what it means, but I know what it sounds like.

MauserMedic said...

And I'll bet he used to work for the CIA, too.