Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Go Team RINO

So Romney has been endorsed by John McCain. The man who pretty much convinced the nation that a young, inexperienced, smooth prompter-reading, telegenic empty vessel was the answer to all our problems.

I've loathed McCain as a venal, self-serving political hack who would sacrifice anything, especially his constituents, in pursuit of power and exposure. Viet Nam was a long time ago, and what he's done since then has pretty much invalidated his admirable acts. But Mitt seems happy with him. RINOs of a feather hang together, or some such dreck.

After Carter, we got Reagan. This time Obama looks to be followed by Obama Lite.

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Firehand said...

I put it that "For his service in the Nay I give McCain the respect he earned; but for his actions as a politician I give him my anger and contempt."