Friday, February 3, 2012

Say Again?

As my coworkers know, I've some hearing loss, along with moderate tinnitus. So frequently when they speak to me quickly, I have to process what it sounds like I heard into what was probably said. So when I was typing an e-mail today, a coworker asked what I was working on. I replied that I was trying to send information on a medical system being taken down for an upgrade, but my typing (I'm old; even on a computer, it's typing to me) was giving me problems. And the response I heard, before I was able to process it, was this:

"Well, I'm-a huntin' pecker"

That stopped my typing. Until my usual process kicked in, and turned it into "Well, I'm a "hunt and pecker" (typist)".

End result, it's apparent I have a filthy mind, and my female colleague will never use that particular phrase again.

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