Friday, February 10, 2012

You've Got Future In Politics, Kid

Congratulations, leftists. I think your years of infiltrating the American education system are bearing fruit:

"Look, we're teenagers," added Murray. "We can't always like think for ourselves. We need the government to do it for us."

Let me says this now: it sucks that the young lady died. I wish she'd been able to get up from that accident, brush herself off, and think about what went wrong. It didn't happen that way, and now everyone else must pay.

A bit of advice, kids. Bad decisions by one individual doesn't mean the rest of us are willing to have others make our decisions. There's far too much of that already. And if you want to make an effective argument about how laws will uniformly result in compliance, I suggest you look at your social circle. I'm willing to bet cash there's a fair number of your peers smoking weed, drinking underage, not wearing seat belts, shoplifting, and sampling prescribed meds that aren't theirs. Because I was a teenager, as well as working 20+ years in hospitals and the military. I've seen how law oriented kids are.

Laws motivate those who are afraid of punishment, and there's a fair number of you that don't seem to respond to that. If you want people to wear helmets, I suggest you try persuasion. But that's harder, isn't it. Because people still have a choice, no matter how wrong you think they are. But in the spirit of reciprocity, here's a suggestion. How about we ban all teenagers from operating personal motor vehicles? Or any wheeled transportation device? That should make things safer, and since you can't think for yourselves, you don't really need any input on it, do you?

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