Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chaos. That pretty much describes my job at Big Federal Department (BFD, for simplicity).

That said, I'll say little more about, given that I prefer to have a roof over my head, although I have lived under a the tailgate of a deuce and half for weeks, followed by an upgraded to living in looted buildings. What can I say, I likes my Jack better than MD 20/20, and this pays for it.

Regardless, what's happened lately of note.

We've gone to the biggest car show I've ever seen at the track in Charlotte, NC:

Seriously, I'm not a big car guy, but that was impressive.

There's more to inflict on everyone, but that's blogfodder for later. Back to the whiskey.

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Bob said...

Food Lion Auto Fair, an annual event. If you love cars, that's a good 'un to go see.

Great pic of the Nash Metro, I love those little cars.