Wednesday, June 13, 2012

FU, Big Gov

For the last four-plus months, we have tried to buy a foreclosed home. It had land, but needed to be gutted. With past houses, I've done plumbing, electrical, sheet rock, hard-wood floors, and concrete. I've redone vintage window weights, glass, and wood. I've replaced weight-bearing pillars, and redone siding.

But thanks to Fed Gov, I'm told that I Must Have A Contractor to do ANY repairs to a foreclosed home. Oh, and pay for 3 different inspections/appraisals out of pocket. Because, obviously, I can't be trusted to do any of this for myself, as I'm a simple serf. Which is why, after the last hurdle thrown in front of me by the FHA, requiring an FHA inspector to oversee our improvements (e.g. the contractor's work we are not allowed to do) we said fuck it. Take your clapped-out house, which I could have increased in value by by at least 40%, with its attendant property taxes, and let it rot. Fuck you, Fed Gov. Is there anything you touch that isn't instantly massively more complicated and irrational?

Two weeks after ditching it, we looked at a private sale. One week later, we have an accepted offer. Government method. Private method. Which one works better? Yeah.


DirtCrashr said...

The Gov. - turning gold into lead and wasting everybody's time since its inception.

MauserMedic said...

There's nothing bureaucrats can't turn into a goat rope.