Monday, June 25, 2012

Old Bikes

Antique bike show up in Gold Hill, NC this past weekend. Gold Hill is a neat little town with some interesting historic buildings, and a very nice park for this sort of gathering. Unfortunately, the gathering was fairly small, and these represent probably half of the antique bikes present:
Never seen an Indian police bike before, wouldn't mind having one.

Interesting engine arrangement; doesn't look particularly comfortable though.

Sharp-looking bike, but.....

seat technology has come long way; bet it would be tough riding for a full day on that.

Sweet; I'm partial to baggers myself. Handy having rain gear, 'cause sooner or later you're going to hit some serious weather.


John said...

The transverse V arrangement of the Moto Guzzi works pretty well...friend of mine back in Texas had one that I used to ride occasionally...

I think the pinnacle of Harley seat design is the police solo seat they're using now, but those old seats did pretty well considering they were often attached to rigid frame bikes!

I've been riding a '90 Ultra for a couple of years now and find it to be more comfortable than my old Wing...haven't ridden a new one with a 103 out of fear that I won't be happy with my 80" Evo afterwards!

MauserMedic said...

Looking at the seats on those older bikes, I'm convinced the long-distance riders of the day had some serious devotion to riding. Fun to look at what were considered "big" engines back in the day.