Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Additions to the Music Library

One of the few upsides to this place is the base library. It's not huge, but people tend to donate CDs as they rotate out. And as most of the population here is between 18 and 50, there's a pretty good range of music available. This week I ran across a few CDs worth adding to the library.

Annie Lennox - Medusa
Shooter Jennings - The Wolf
Alicia Keys - The Diary of Alicia Keyes
Sam Kinison - Live from Hell

As I get older, I don't change my tastes so much as I add to them. I've begun enjoying female vocalists a lot more the last few years. Especially bluegrass and soul. Annie Lennox has always had a beautiful voice, but it's taken me too long to appreciate it. Alicia, well, it wasn't her voice that got my attention first, but it's too good to be ignored.

Shooter Jennings on the other hand, will go extremely well with the bike and whiskey at the next rally. Which can't come soon enough.

Sam Kinison I actually saw in Iowa City back in the late '80s. Extremely offensive, and funnier than anyone else I've ever seen. Not many like him, although a lot try.

All the above are way better than anything you're going to find on the radio in the Sinai.

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