Monday, December 1, 2008

Doctors shocked at hostage's torture.

I'm not. Two different middle-eastern countries in five years, and here's what I've noticed.

There's a lot of poverty and ignorance. Guess what. Peasants aren't big on peace, love, and understanding. They are big on getting even, grabbing what they can for themselves, resentment, hate, bigotry, and intolerance.

Respect, tolerance, and diversity? Excuse me while I laugh myself sick. When you don't have jack shit except religion, and the religion tells you to hate everybody not in it, that's OK to beat the shit out of your wife/wives, animals, and kids, and it's your duty to lie, cheat, and steal from anybody not like you, you don't tend to be a liberal humanist.

Does that mean I think we should pump money into the local economy to "spread the wealth around" to quiet all this anger and social discontent?

Hell NO!

You won't have any prosperity until the local system of racial, ethnic, and cultural hatred they call a religion is gone. The only places on the planet with a high standard of living and Islam in the same area are spots that have a natural resource AND the technically advanced foreigners to develop it. I long for the day when oil is gone; those of us who know what actual science is will find something else; certain other parts of the world will recommence raiding each other for women and dates (the kind you eat, and not the women) to make a living.

Bah. There's too many optimistic idiots in the world.

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BobG said...

The culture of the people in that area is still in the primitive tribal stage; they never left the Dark Ages. If it weren't for oil, they would still be a bunch of inconsequential warring tribes and clans just like their ancestors were a thousand years ago.