Monday, December 22, 2008

I May Be Middle-Aged....

but I can still hump my half of a 250 lb Fijian heart attack patient on a folding litter into a running Blackhawk helicopter at 0200 hours in the morning when I have to.


MaddMedic said...

Good for you!!
I lifted one to many of those "heavy weights" back went to hell and now I teach others how to have all the fun!!

MauserMedic said...


The thought of "I really hope I don't blow a disk on this" was the last thought I had before lifting my end off the ground.

Bob said...

Why are you humping Fijian heart attack patients when you should be rescuing them? And why does it take two of you to hump one Fijian?



MauserMedic said...

Bob, "humping" has distinctly different meaning between Army and Navy parlance............ ;)

Ride Fast said...

Out of my depth on this one but why can't the damn chopper come to you? ;-p

Ride Fast said...

Merry Christmas!

MauserMedic said...

RF, it can, but:

50 meters behind the clinic are two approximate 50 meter tall radio masts with a large number of anchor cables spreading out it all directions;

Tall trees lining the street in front of and across from the front;

Nearby building with open space studded with 3 foot high steel posts to dissuade bad drivers lining the walkways to the East;

A helipad just large enough to land a bird, if you miss the clinic wall, raised floodlights (3 of those) old willow trees (30+ feet tall), vehicles, and firestation with attendant radio masts on the West.

Things have to get pretty bad before we can convince anybody to drop in on our pad rather than us hauling to the airfield, unfortunately.

Hope you had a good Christmas!