Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hijab Hijinks

There's a dispute going on in Minnesota currently on a proposed change to the driver's license process; it's been proposed that headgear not be allowed in the photos. The police were the driving force behind this, primarily due to gang members using it make it more difficult to identify them. Granted, unless the gang member looks like this:

or this:

a simple hat probably won't make a huge difference. But, the previously shown headgear (what one would call the item in image two, I have no idea.........) does hide unique features that are useful in identification: ears. If you don't think ears provide significant identifications properties, then you've never seen Mr. Spock, H. Ross Perot, or B.H. Obama.

Can anyone really say these ears aren't unique? :

I think not.

But, some of the local Somali-Americans (Somalicans?) feel it's an infringement upon their religious practices to remove the hijab for the purposes of identification. And I agree with them, it is an infringement. Much like it's an infringement of my religious beliefs when I have to swear that I will faithfully something something something, so help me God. But guess what. You Don't Have A Right To A Driver's License. Nor are you required to have a drivers license or drive. So I suggest that if you wish to have your dolshe and eat it too, you're out of luck.

Like it or lump it.


Dymphna said...

heavens, boy, where did you get that picture of Uncle Dwayne and Cousin Clarence?

You been snooping.

MauserMedic said...


I didn't know we had shared kin! You must stop by for a jug of shine when your schedule allows:)

Anonymous said...

I agree it would be infringement on their religion. They had their religion before me made our laws. Why should they have to change. How many of us actually look like that horrid person on our licenses anyway?