Saturday, June 27, 2009

Debauchery On The Horizon 2009

Also known as ABATE of Iowa Freedom Rally 2009.

Beginning this next Thursday.

I hereby swear I will spare no expense in cheap beads to bring you, my three readers, the finest in overweight Midwest mammary glands and fat naked men on motorcycles.

Make of that what you will.

I'm coming off of three months of non-stop accelerated classes, heart procedures, and inconvenient Guard drills. I aim to get Fucked Up and take a lot of pictures of people in worse shape than me. Enjoy.


BobG said...


MauserMedic said...

W00t indeed. I seriously need to get the hell out of town and do knuckledragging man activities.

Also, consider this an open invitation should you ever want to attend a small version of what Sturgis was like before it became a tourist attraction.

cmblake6 said...

So, where's the party shots?