Friday, June 19, 2009


is dropping over a hundred dollars to get a laptop working again, only to have it crash the exact same way, twice, in less than seven minutes, the following day. Somebody will have an unhappy customer on Monday morning.

Problems found and "fixed" on Thursday: McAfee corrupted. Java corrupted. Computer stuck in self-repair loop. Computer also stuck in constant attempt to hibernate. I'm seriously considering having the tech obliterate everything on the drive and reinstall from my original discs. If that doesn't work, it will probably be time for a new computer, which sucks, given that this one is all of 5 months old.

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Bob said...

Give Puppy Linux a try. It never actually installs on the hard drive unless you want it to; it operates totally via the RAM on your computer. I've tried it in the past and found that it works well, especially as an emergency operating system when Windows goes down. On one occasion when my hard drive failed, Puppy kept my computer running until I got paid and could afford to have a new hard drive installed.