Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Brief look at the Office

Reception desk. When you enter our clinic, you know it's top grade! Or you might think you're in the Home Depot lumber yard. Whichever.

The soothing enclosure of rounded plastic. It's sort of like being inside a giant garbage bag when the wind picks up. But it does actually stay cooler than the last plywood Aid Station I was in.

Only the finest Made In Pakistan exam tables for us. Seriously. Watch out the for razor sharp edges on several spots.

A locally made trauma table- pt comes in on a litter, litter goes on frame, start treating. One of the best ideas I've seen while in theater, and they've been used. Wall O' Medical Stuff seen behind.

The other trauma table. Sadly, they've both been used for a mass casualty event shortly before I arrived here.

Aside from sarcasm, this has been an excellent Aid Station set up, and it's provided good service to the soldier, interpreters, and contractors. I just handed over the keys to my replacements today, and I'll getting ready to ship out soon.


GardenSERF said...

Looks typical of the FOBs in "early" Iraq.

Sisu said...

Those pink plastic bath basis come in handy for everything, don't they? We use them for storage, transportation, trash and sometimes even baths!

MauserMedic said...

GardenSERF, it reminded of that too, except that most of the facilities were at least new, rather than abandoned and looted buildings;


90% of the basin usage was as organizing bins. Basically because getting actual bins would take at least six months after placing an order.