Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gamberi Factoids

There are no trees on the American portion of the post. In fact, there are no plants taller than two feet, and there's less than five of those.

It will get to 124 degrees in the shade. I know this because I'm one of the two people who gets to go out every hour to check the "Heat Cat" with my vintage Wet Bulb device. Embiggen image for directions to figure out if you're hot or not according the giant wall chart below:

Gamberi lies adjacent to the Silk Road once used to bring silk, spices, jewels, and other goodies my barely out of the caves forbears in Europe used to treasure. In fact, the route (one of them) is at the base of the mountain over the security wall below:

And last; this same view gives you an unimpeded sonic pathway to the ANA's intermittent, unannounced demolition of various arms and explosives.

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