Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ugly Gun Sunday

Today's Type 53 Bubba Gun (anyone know if there's a chinese equivalent for "Bubba"?) brought to you from a large circus tent full of bunkbeds on Bagram Air Fieldcourtesy of IO Global internet services, whose marketing slogans should be:

"If it sucks to be where you are, that's where we are"

"Internet service that works all of the time, fifty percent of the time"

I'll admit I got spoiled in Iraq back in '03. Having a head cook who works for General Dynamics outside the Guard not only set up a custom intranet for your company, but who also gets you a direct link to a contractor's satellite uplink through trading on an exceptional ability to make hooch from excess fruit got me on one of the fastest nets I've seen outside the US. Here, uploading a single image takes up to 30 minutes.

But not for much longer..........

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Anonymous said...

That's really not all that ugly. :)