Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Terminal Leave Super Fun Time Adventure

Thought it might be fun to get away from home when I got home. Maybe hit the mountains on the opposite side of the country from Sturgis. Less crowds, less stress.


Day 1, tire on the truck explodes on the interstate. Not goes flat; explodes. Ever completely lost a tire at 65 mph while towing a cargo trailer? Spend the next half hour swapping out shreds on a rim for a spare while hoping some ass doesn't slam into my truck/trailer instead of passing by at 80 mph. Head to town down the road, find out all the tires are dry rotted. Why didn't I notice this, you're thinking? Hell, I've never had tires last long enough to dry rot. So, four new full-size, good quality truck tires. That hurt.

Day 2, brakes start grinding on the truck

Day 3, I buy new brake pads and rotors.

Day 4, nothing happens. By 1700 hrs, I'm wondering why nothing has gone wrong

Day 5, The Wife notices the bike is leaning more than normal while parked. Spend the morning locating a welding shop to repair the broken kick stand/frame weld. Retrieve bike from shop, notice later that shop has welded half of the damage. Successfully resisted urge to beat head against surfaces, then decide I'll get it fixed properly with my shop at home.

Day 6, is tomorrow. I'll be moving to a different camping site in the North Carolina mountains.

I can hardly wait.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite the trip. Enjoy the memories, these things only happen once like this.