Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ah, The Joys of Home Ownership

A lovely weekend of camping, then home. Home to a small pond in the basement. From not one, but two PVC water valves failing while we were gone. Fortunately, PVC is easy to replace. Unless the jackass who installed it in the first place decides to cement the PVC to the older galvanized pipes. PVC cement will adhere to metal. It adheres so well that the only way to get it out is probably chasing the original metal threads with the appropriate tap. Or you could be lazy like me, and use eight inches of of the old PVC that's glued in. Three hours later, it was mostly fixed, except for the next day's pressure testing. Last time I was billed, I think it was $60/hour labor for plumbing. Given they could probably work twice as fast as I did, that's still probably $90 saved.

Given how much of a pain in the ass plumbing actually is, I can see why they charge so much.

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