Friday, August 26, 2011


A little bit of product from the Paranoid Disaster Garden Training Center. We're growing heirloom vegetables to gain experience, as neither one of us has much gardening experience. Generally, we've been getting good results given our low level of expertise. Can't remember the name of the corn at the moment, but it dates from the late 1800s, and this is the third year we've grown it, using seeds from the previous year.

White Mountaineer (all green) and Rattlesnake (purple/mottled coloration) beans we've just done this year. This climb, making them easier to harvest. We've canned over 12 pints, and will probably get another 24 before fall kills the plants (steamed within an hour of harvesting, the taste is incredible). We've enough seeds just from the beans we missed picking until they were dried to plant the whole back yard if we wished at this point.

Another new item are the Lemon Cucumbers. Usually round and yellowish, they grow fast and in large numbers. Taste is in line with other cucumbers, other than the fact that fresh from the garden, it is more intense. Cutting one of these in the kitchen, you can smell the delicious scent throughout the entire floor of the house.

The tomatoes, hybrids from the local greenhouse. But they taste fine, with several of them never making it back to the kitchen while we're picking.

Next year, we'll be attempting to get a little more volume on our output for canning.

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