Saturday, April 14, 2012

On To The Next Task

The move from Iowa to North Carolina is done; unfortunately, the planned housing situation suffered unexpected setbacks, leading to a scramble to find a place to live before showing up for work. I now have the contents of my former home spread over four locations in two states, rather than the one house we had planned on. Which has led to some issues:

Where's my motorcycle jacket?

How many days will it take me to convert the piles of boxes and miscellanea in various storage areas into something with at least a degree of order?

How many different spots are the tools in that I'll need when we do get the house?

And most recently, waking me up at 0500 hours for no reason at all, where did the 30-foot ladder that I watched being loaded into the truck, but never saw when we were unloading, disappear to?


BobG said...

Is that quote from Obama? ;)

MauserMedic said...


Dear Leader is my inspiration in all things (gag).

Firehand said...

I really, REALLY don't like moving...

After the last one, I think if I move again I'll pay people to move most of this heavy crap for me