Sunday, April 8, 2012

Street Art

With our initial move over (into an apartment, until we can secure a house), it was time to take a break yesterday, and get out on the bike. Two hundred yards from our apartment, and we're on a two-lane black top with curves, hills, beautiful old home, decrepit old homes, farms, and historic downtowns in every directions.

The images above were taken in Mooresville, NC. There's been a resurgence of appreciation for old advertising in the local area, with some individuals repainting old damaged advertising ( as in barely visible, but still present on the building) to bring it back to as it would look when it was new. Pretty neat to see, since it can't really be restored, and would otherwise completely fade away or appear shoddy.


Bob said...

Give Lancaster's BBQ in Mooresville a try. Good pork BBQ, beef brisket only so-so, killer hamburgers and onion rings. If you're a Civil War buff you can see the grave of Lt. Gen. Daniel Harvey Hill in Davidson.

A fun place to take a motorcycle is Morrow Mountain State Park near Albemarle, you can ride right to the top of the mountain. Lots of bikes there on weekends.

jon spencer said...

Looks like you are about 4 hours away from the Tail of the Dragon.
Curves, curves and more curves for the bike.

MauserMedic said...


I'm putting all of those on my list.


We're hoping to get there this summer when things are a little more settled. We have friends coming to the area this summer just to ride it.