Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just Shut Up And Be The Eye Candy

 As I shuffled through a stack of mail this morning, the Fox morning news show was on. The standard format of two male anchors and one female. This morning, it appears the usual Fox Morning Blonde is on vacation or some such thing, as there's a relatively young and unfamiliar young lady on the couch today discussing the new DHS training involving Border Patrol Agents. Said training saying if there's a workplace shooter, everyone needs to run away, or throw things at them if cornered.

This, of course, is both pathetic, and another reason for me to loathe the current administration. As if I needed any more. But what adds a final bit of stroke-inducing anger comes next. Demonstrating her vast understanding of civil rights, Eye-Candy-In-Training comes up with this (paraphrased as my memory is middle-aged these days):

"What's the point of being a Border Patrol Agent if you can't defend yourself? That's what I call a civilian!"

You. Ignorant. Twit.

I suggest Miss ECIT be sent off to do some deep-cover investigative reporting somewhere where civilians do defend themselves, and then somewhere they don't (say, Chicago) and look at the difference. Perhaps she could learn the difference between citizens and subjects.

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