Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thanks for the Image Boost

Normally, I'd say this is great. I'm glad they got the guy. I'm happy no one has an extra orifice.


1) Firing a shot in the air to stop the burglar. Compared to Iowa, this place is populated. Popping a .44 Magnum into the air in a random direction is bad. Not AK-47 discharged into the air at an Arab wedding bad, but still bad.

2) Allowing the television reporter to see the western-style revolvers used to stop the criminal is good; pointing the revolver into the camera, where you can plainly see rounds in the cylinder? Bad.

3) Telling the television reporter how you fired a round into the air? Not something I'd mention. Flipping the muzzle into the air and cranking a round off to who knows where while talking to the interviewer? Not bad; criminally stupid.

Thanks for reinforcing that "Gun Owner = Dangerous Redneck" meme.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Media for promoting the "Gun Nut/Crazy /Dangerous Gun Owner" image. We all know they exist, but the media loves to showcase them. Too bad they don't give equal time to the "unwashed/lazy/America hating Liberals". I see this more as a liberal media message than a true story.Those 2 idiots are turds, but that story should not have aired. Makes all the locals look good there too.

cmblake6 said...

That was beyond half stupid. I'm gonna vote for pure idiot, thank you.