Sunday, January 7, 2007

I've Been Outed

After reading pdb's latest post at, I realize that my cover as an atheist is blown.

Also, my wife and I have completed our haj to acquire a new bathroom vanity, Praise Be To Allah.

We did stop at Scheels in the Jordan Creek mall to check out the used rifle racks. Slim pickings, with lots of empty slots. Ran across a Remington 513T without sights, in otherwise decent condition. Also spotted a S&W Model 66-1 formerly owned by the Iowa State Patrol, in stainless with a four-inch barrel. The State Patrol issued these in 1980, and replaced them with S&W .40 caliber semi-autos in 1993. Carried a lot, shot a little; severely tempting, but cash in hand is lacking at the moment.

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