Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union Address Impressions

I was impressed with the President's opening comments regarding the Speaker of the House. While I have no kind feelings towards her, I thought it was a fine example of graciousness often lacking in politics. I was pleasantly surprised on his intensity when initially addressing the war and the related struggle against "radical" Islam. The comment on "lifting needless restrictions on Iraqi and Coalition forces" was welcome.

I found the long-lasting shot of Senator McCain apparently in a deep slumber reinforcing my opinion that John McCain's greatest interest is John McCain.

Hallelujah! A statement of intent to expand the active duty forces. Long overdue. And a proposal to establish an essentially civilian technical corps to supplement the military's needs overseas. I think there is a deep reservoir of veterans who would be intensely interested in this.

A surprising mention of Darfur; unfortunately he failed to address exactly what and who the problem is.

An ending comment that "our cause in the world is just" was a great, unequivocal statement of belief.

I hope he disregards the opinion polls and continues to do what he believes to be right, rather than popular.

Overall, a well spoken address.

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